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DTF Full Color Transfers

Our DTF Direct to Film Full Color Transfers are soft full color transfers that can be pressed on most fabrics! There are no quantity minimums on these transfers, so you can order from single transfers to large quantities.  Order your DTF transfers as individual transfer sheets ready to press, or as DTF gang sheets with multiple designs per sheet.

These DTF Transfers are suitable for cotton, poly, cotton, polyester, and most fabrics, but always recommend a test press.

  • DTF Transfer sheet sizes
    • 2″x2″
    • 2.5″x2.5″
    • 2″x4″
    • 3″x3″
    • 3″x5″
    • 4″x4″
    • 5″x5″
    • 6″x6″
    • 7″x7″
    • 8″x8″
    • 8.5″x11″
    • 9″x9″
    • 9″x11″ (A4)
    • 10″x10″
    • 11″x5″
    • 11″x11″
    • 11″x17″
    • 12″x12″
    • 12″x17″
    • 13″x19″
    • 15″x24″
    • 15″x36″
    • 15″x48″
  • DTF Sheet Ganging is allowed
  • Any details smaller than 1 point (0.35mm) will have a colored outline/backing (matching the intended garment color) added by production.
  • Your design cannot be bigger than the sheet size you selected.
  • Artwork will be sized to the max sheet size unless otherwise specified.
  • Copyright material is NOT permitted (without written documentation).
  • Not suitable for iron or handheld press.
  • No quantity minimums
  • 1-2 business days turnaround time before shipment
  • Full Color
  • Crisp defined edges
  • Great for small orders
  • No Cutting or Weeding
  • Suitable for all fabric types
Sheet Size – Your sheet size must be the same size/bigger than your design itself. You can have more than one design per transfer sheet.

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Custom Full Color DTF Transfers
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