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DTF Film Rolls (Cold/Warm Peel)

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  • High Ink Loading Layer: You can lay down more color / white to create rich colored decorated DTF prints.
  • Hot Peel: Peel off the film without a long wait after the first press.
  • Single Side Matte: Easily distinguish the print side.
  • Compatible with: Any DTF printer on the market (Recommended use with a roll printer)

DTF Station Hot Melt Powder

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  • After baking the powder, solid white for more vibrant colors
  • Even and regular particles for quality graphics and good adherence
  • Finely coated film means no pinholes!


  • 1 lb
  • 1 kg
  • 20 kg

DTF Station Transfer Film Sheets

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  • DTF (Direct to Film) use ONLY.
  • The DTF film works in any DTF printer
  • 100 sheets in a pack
  • Coated PET Film available in sheets
  • This single-sided coated film provides better printer roller traction with minimal static allowing for a great printed image without background artifacts