10″ x 12″ Aluminum Screen Printing Frame


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Mesh 85

For athletic printing, opaque ink deposits, thick puff ink, and some shimmer inks. This mesh will print a very high volume of ink and have a thick coat of emulsion making it difficult to expose.

Mesh 110 

Suitable for printing with thicker inks on heavy fabrics, paper, cardboard, and other porous materials. It allows for a higher ink deposit and works well for designs with larger elements and lower levels of detail. Also great for printing under base layers – leaving a nice deposit of base layer for you to print your colour on top.

Mesh 160 

Ideal for general-purpose printing on fabrics, T-shirts, textiles, and other materials where a balanced level of ink coverage is needed. It offers a good compromise between finer details and ink flow.

Mesh 200 

Well-suited for printing on textiles, apparel, and garments as well as Paper & Card where medium-level detail and ink coverage are required. It can handle moderately intricate designs with good ink control.

Mesh 300 

Ideal for finer detail and printing on Paper & Card. As this mesh count won’t allow much ink through, it’s great for fine lines and text, detailed graphics, and high-resolution images that demand superior ink control and sharpness.

Mesh 350-400 

Mostly used for printing with UV inks. these inks are extremely thin and are often used for high detail printing on signs and banners. By using a higher mesh count, the automatic printers used in printing UV inks can control the amount of ink passing through the screen.

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10" x 12" Aluminum Screen Printing Frame
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