Wood Screen Printing Squeegee


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When printing long runs, monitor production time and rotate squeegees frequently. By doing so, you will achieve a more uniform print quality and increase the lifespan of the squeegees.

A squeegee should be cleaned and dried once it’s no longer in production. Store squeegees in a dry environment at room temperature. The blade should be allowed to recover from the ink and solvent, resting for a period of 24 hours. It can then be placed back into production, or if necessary, re-sharpened with a sharpening tool and put back into production.

The squeegee is an essential part of any manual printer’s arsenal. Whether you’re pushing or pulling a squeegee, it’s a vital part of the printing process.All of our squeegees are made from high-quality polyurethane blades.

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Wood Screen Printing Squeegee
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