18″ x 20″ Pre-Burned Screen


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Product description

Image File Requirement:

File format in PNG/PDF/PSD/AI Must be in Black & White only. “Black part” will be where the ink will go through. For example, If you want to print your logo, you should keep the logo in Black, all other parts in White/Transparent.
  • Resolution: 300 dpi or higher. If the image is too small, blurry or resolution too low, the design burned on the screen will turnout pixel-ish, not crisp.

Mesh 85 

For athletic printing, opaque ink deposits, thick puff ink, and some shimmer inks. This mesh will print a very high volume of ink and have a thick coat of emulsion making it difficult to expose.

Mesh 110 

Suitable for printing with thicker inks on heavy fabrics, paper, cardboard, and other porous materials. It allows for a higher ink deposit and works well for designs with larger elements and lower levels of detail. Also great for printing under base layers – leaving a nice deposit of base layer for you to print your colour on top.

Mesh 160 

Ideal for general-purpose printing on fabrics, T-shirts, textiles, and other materials where a balanced level of ink coverage is needed. It offers a good compromise between finer details and ink flow.

Mesh 200 

Well-suited for printing on textiles, apparel, and garments as well as Paper & Card where medium-level detail and ink coverage are required. It can handle moderately intricate designs with good ink control.

Mesh 300 

Ideal for finer detail and printing on Paper & Card. As this mesh count won’t allow much ink through, it’s great for fine lines and text, detailed graphics, and high-resolution images that demand superior ink control and sharpness.

Mesh 350-400 

Ideal for Hard surfaces such as Metal, Glass, Acrylic and more. Mostly used for printing with UV inks. these inks are extremely thin and are often used for high detail printing on signs and banners. By using a higher mesh count, the automatic printers used in printing UV inks can control the amount of ink passing through the screen.

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18" x 20" Pre-Burned Screen
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